Thursday, 24 April 2008

New torture video from Amnesty highlights human rise abuses

Amnesty’s got a new viral film about waterboarding torture out this week as part of their "Unsubscribe" campaign. It claims to be an accurate recreation of the terrifying 'waterboarding' technique whereby prisoners are partially drowned. Follow the link to learn more about what you can do to take action against human rights abuses.

The video was features extreme performance artist Jiva Parthipan, who underwent a short period of waterboarding to create the ad. It is hoped that video will draw attention to the techniques employed by the CIA in places like Guantánamo Bay.

Earlier this week, the Guardian carried a story which alleged that the type of abuse which occurs in Guantánamo was inspired by the fictional character of Jack Bauer in the US TV series 24. You can listen to Lawyer Phillippe Sands talk to the Guardian about torture here. the 24 connection comes around two thirds of the way into the audio interview.

It will be screened before movies in selected UK cinemas (with a 15 certification) from May 9th, where it's hoped its impact will be big. You can read the original press release which accompanies the video here.

Thanks to Brand Republic for the credit details:

Project: UNSUBSCRIBE 2008
Client: Sara MacNeice - Campaign Manager, Terrorism, Security & Human Rights
Brief: Encourage people to unsubscribe from the CIA ‘enhanced interrogation technique' of waterboarding
Creative Agency: Drugstore
Writer: Marc Hawker
Art director: Marc Hawker
Producer: Jennifer Jackson
Directors: Marc Hawker, Ishbel Whitaker
Production Company: Dark Fibre Films
Water Effects: Pennicott Payne
Music: Adam Freeland
Post Production: James Maclachlan at Prime Focus
Website design: Sam Collett, Russell Schaller

Let me know what you think of the video
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