Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Presentation inspired by Zero Punctuation

It's been pretty hectic at work the last few weeks, so apologies for not posting in a while. I've got the usual load of marking but a relatively tiny window in which to mark the material (as seems par for the course these days). Thankfully, I've managed to get rid of most of my marking from the Level 3 students (some excellent dissertations - 4 firsts out of the batch I've looked at!), and I'm about to start marking the essays for MAC281 Cyberculture.

It seems like quite a few students attempted the music industry's failing business model essay (11), a few tried pirate culture (8) and a handful tried the game design essay (7). I was amused that more people attempted the game design essay than bothered turning up for the seminar but what the heck...

Anyway, I recently discovered a few vids on YouTube by a guy called Daniel Floyd how appears to teach Art History/Media Theory or something similar at SCAD. They are a kind of homage to gamers favourite Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw of Zero Punctuation fame, and well worth a look. The first discusses the problems of games telling interesting stories.

The video below considers the problems game designers face when attempting to include material of a sexualized nature. Surely games as an art form should be able to deal with sex in a way which doesn't merely portray the fantasies of uber-geeks?


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