Thursday, 26 June 2008

Dates for diaries October 2008

A couple of conferences are coming up that I'd like to attend, so this is going to be a quick post.

The University of Bedfordshire are hosting an event entitled: The End of Journalism? Technology, Education and Ethics on the 17th and 18th of October. Here's the description:
The last few years have witnessed a fresh wave of claims for the potential of internet-based technologies to widen participation in the public sphere. This period has also witnessed a steady stream of jeremiads about the impact of user-generated content on professional journalism. This wide-reaching cultural debate takes places against the backdrop of the ongoing restructuring of the global news industries. In some quarters these changes are regarded with deep suspicion whilst others see a bright future for the media. Central to arguments presented by both sides in this debate is the value of ‘journalistic’ function to wider society.

The End of Journalism conference at the University of Bedfordshire will provide a timely opportunity to re-assess the status and purpose(s) of journalism. It will also provides an opportunity to question the role played by formal institutions (governmental, media, economic and educational), informal institutions and technologies in (re)structuring the ‘journalistic’ function for the twenty-first century.

The conference organizers welcome contributions on relevant topics including (but not exclusively):-

The Impact of New Media Technologies on Journalism
Professionalism, Amateurism and Citizen Journalism
Journalism, Democracy and the Public Sphere
New Journalism in a non-Western context
The Economics and Sociology of Contemporary Journalism
Employment and employability of Journalists
The Methodologies and Tools of Contemporary Journalism
The Ethics of Practice
The Education of Journalists
Academia and Journalism

The conference organizers aim to encourage a dialogue between various stakeholders involved (e.g. practitioners, owners, legislators, technologists, educators etc.) and would welcome contributions, papers and panels from professional journalists. They also welcome a variety of methodological approaches - including theoretical analysis, case studies and practical experiences from journalists – that can provide insights into the global complexities of contemporary journalism.

The End of Journalism conference is organised in collaboration with Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies. Papers delivered at the conference will be considered for publication in the journal (see for further details).
Sounds interesting and relevant, although I think the title may be a little presumptuous although it is catchy. I'll be more interested in this once some speakers are confirmed and prices are announced.

I was contacted recently Neil Selwyn of London Knowledge Labs who organised last year's Poke 1.0 symposium on Facebook, regarding a related event being hosted by Liverpool John Moores University. The symposium is entitled Facebook: a network, a research tool, a world? and is held on October 24th.

The details of the event are a little short on detail at this stage:
Facebook is one of the faster growing sites for social networking. Its popularity increases everyday, and so do the hopes, the concerns and the controversies that surround it. This event brings together researchers in Social Sciences, Humanities and Education, who study Facebook and its effect on our life and work. The symposium will explore issues of trust, deception and negotiation of identity; the use of Facebook for student support and learning; the use of Facebook as a research tool; and many more.

Confirmed speakers:
  • Fiona Frank, Department of Continuing Education, Lancaster University and Department of History, University of Strathclyde, title TBA
  • Monica Whitty, School of Social Sciences, Nottingham Trent University, title TBA
  • Tristram Hooley, CRAC and Jane Wellens, University of Leicester On-line research methods training programme
  • Jane Secker, LASSIE project, London School of Economics
We welcome additional contributions in the form of short papers. Please submit your proposals to by August the 31st 2008.

Time, venue and programme will be available in September - stay tuned for updates!
There is a downloadable Powerpoint poster for this event available here. I'll add more info as it becomes available.