Saturday, 7 June 2008

Radio 2 to celebrate the anniversary of the second summer of love

What's that I hear you say? Radio 2 is going to engage with rave? Indeed it is... A press release on the BBC site lists a number of different shows lined up (see the list at end of this post for full details).

The series kicks off with Zoe Ball on the 21st of June, tracing the history and evolution of dance music from Northern Soul to the present in a three-part show. It will go by the rather catchy title of The Definitive History of UK Dance Music.

There will also be a show comprising of oral histories from clubbers entitled Don't Start Me Talking About ... Dance Music. I shall have to catch that one via iPlayer due to Glastonbury commitments, unless Speechification features it on their site.

The Beeb also seem to have a show which seeks to untie old rave and nu-rave, fronted by Chris Coco going under the banner of Acid House - The Next Generation.

I think they'll all be quite valuable resources for the Dance Music lecture I give on the Popular Music module (MAC351) at work. I'm also taking the liberty to post these show on here as a reminder to myself that I want to get hold of these. I don't really have an effective media capture/reminder service for things like this.

Radio 2's Dance Music Season:

The Definitive History Of UK Dance Music (Unique Productions) – begins Saturday 21 June at 7.00pm

Acid House – The Next Generation – Tuesday 24 June at 10.30pm

Don't Start Me Talking About... Dance Music – Friday 27 June at 7.00pm

The Greatest Dance Records Of All Time (Unique Productions) – begins Tuesday 1 July at 11.30pm

Behind The Velvet Rope: Studio 54 Uncovered (revised repeat) – Saturday 12 July at 7.00pm

Saturday Night Chill (repeat) – Saturday 19 July at 7.00pm 6.6.08.