Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Free PS3

A quick post just to say 'ha!' to the customer service operative who works for 02 customer retentions.  The Playstation 3 did arrive as part of the mobile phone deal I ordered, despite the scorn and disdain he poured upon me when I asked to cancel my 12 month contract.

Not only did my free PS3 arrive but it came with a free game (Gran Turismo 5 Prologue) and a free Blu-Ray movie (Spiderman 3).  Add that to the two free handsets that came as part of the package and I think I did alright.  I managed to get a cheaper deal with Orange than O2 offered with more texts and more than enough voice minutes for my needs.

The O2 operative also offered me a year's free line rental with my old network just so the company didn't lose a customer.  Result.  That sets me up nicely for the PAYG iPhone 3G in November.  Ha!
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