Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Let's start at the beginning...

For someone who loves technology I have to admit to being part technophobe. By this I mean that I never ever really got around to learning the basics of writing for the web. I have enrolled on a free very short HTML course ran via I have always been a WYSIWYG kind of guy but I figured this road does lead to empowerment. This will be the third attempt at this kind of thing that I've embarked upon. I never finish anything.

The course should last 10 weeks and will hopefully make my sufficiently conversant with the basics that I can spruce up the template for this blog (although I'm not quite convinced of this point myself). I have no desire to setup and maintain my own site at a cost so I opted for the free Yahoo/Geocities route. Tight, eh? For anyone who is interested, but really more for myself that anything else, you can see the work in progress over on Geocities: