Sunday, 10 August 2008


I have been trying to get the RSS feed from my Google Reader posts to appear in my Twitter feed. I stumbled across Twitterfeed, a site which purports to do just that with a limited if fair amount of customization options.

However, I have struggled to get the stories to feed through which is odd. I'm not sure whether the issue is with Twitter, Google Reader or Twitterfeed itself. I was getting a few 404 errors with Twitterfeed yesterday when I tried to signup for it using my OpenID.

I have set it to update every 3 hours. I guess I'll have to wait and see....
[edit] It seems like the URL for the Google Reader page couldn't be parsed so I went back and found the correct atom RSS link and that still had issues. Oh well, looks like I'll give up on this one.

Also, Twitter addicts might want to have a look at TweetDeck, an application based on the Adobe Air platform. Looks interesting and full of features.
TweetDeck's killer feature is its ability to separate the people you follow on Twitter into groups—like "Don't Miss," "Co-workers," and "Chatty types." That way while tweets by the prolific folks fly by in one pane, infrequent tweets from people you don't want to miss stay bookmarked on top in another
Sounds pretty useful.