Monday, 8 September 2008

Twitter + Digg = Twiggit

I've just been alerted to a new service which combines Twitter with Digg in an interesting way called Twiggit. Essentially, Twiggit allows you to update your Twitter feed with any story you have recently dug on Digg. Cosmetically, it looks pretty similar to Twitterfeed which updates your Twitter feed with posts from your RSS feed reader. Now I had a little difficulty in getting Twitterfeed to work at first as there seemed to be a mismatch between the two services (which is now fixed).

However, Twiggit didn't seem to have any of those problems - it was very easy to get started (you only need your Digg ID and then you provide Twiggit with your Twitter ID and login details). Once you are in you can customise the service to update either articles you have dug(g) (Digged?!) or just articles you have submitted to Digg. You can also get Twiggit to update frequently, from once every 5 minutes to just once per day. This is a bit of a Godsend in that if you are not a Twitter fiend who tweets every waking moment of the day, you can end up with a Twitter feed which is full of automated responses and seems pretty depersonalised. Twiggit gets around that by handing control over to you.

I'm more of a fan of than Digg but I'm interested to see how these two services combine. The convergence of social networking tools are on the increase...

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