Monday, 24 November 2008

MAC301: GW2 and Al-Jazeera

This is a real quick post mainly to say that I've uploaded tomorrow's lecture slides to Slideshare and the VLE. They were pretty hefty at 7 mb due to the hi-res photos I used so some of the slides haven't processed properly, which is a shame. You should be able to see most of them below.

You might have to forgive the stupid type-o!

The advantage of Slideshare is that it forms a handy little repository of previous lectures I've written, some of which may be related to the current topic. I've also assembled a video playlist of related material over on YouTube which I will embed here too:

There's always a few quality control issues with public playlists, but, putting that aside, there should be an underlying logic in the selection. Most of it focusses on the ways in which Western media outlets were strategic pawns in a military managed game, with Arabic media outlets (and the blogosphere) offering useful alternates.


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