Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Welcome back to uni!

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to all our students who have been brave enough to face the inclement weather in Sunderland this week. Public transport links and public carriage ways haven't faired so well under the recent snow storms meaning that many students have been trapped in their beds, sorry, I mean homes! Attendance wasn't great yesterday - notably amongst the staff - so it seems we were all caught a little short. At least Sunderland was warmer than London for once. The capital seemed to grind to a halt due to the odd bit of the white stuff - softies ;-)

I'm running two modules this semester which are focussed around critical readings into new media and the web, plus I've also focussed half of another module around related issues:
  • MAC281: Cyberculture
  • MAC309: New Media, the Web and Society
  • MAC301: Media Studies 2 ('Media & Modernity' strand)
I've already posted content on the VLE WebCT Vista for these modules but I just though I'd share a few useful web-based sources that might be useful for students wanting to do a little bit of background reading on their computers whilst they are 'snowed in'. You might find some interesting articles...
You might also be interested in the recent government green paper by Stephen Gowers: Digital Britain.

Hope you like them... See you next week