Tuesday, 7 April 2009

An idle distraction

Today I have mainly been procrastinating. I have two journal articles to write and I'm not feeling particularly motivated to write them currently. So, I've decided to invent my own font after listening to an old BBC podcast of Digital Planet, in which the presenter Gareth Mitchell did the same thing.

Currently you can create your own font for free over on www.yourfonts.com. It takes about 10 minutes from start to finish. You download a template, fill it in, scan it and then upload it to the site. Your handwriting is converted into a True Type Font (.ttf) file. You even get the chance to scan your very own signature - handy! Here's a little taste of what my Jewitt Grande font looks like:If I had my way, the entire Web would be presented this way (or at least anything which currently takes the guise of the dreaded Comic Sans!).

The service is currently free, but only for a limited time. When it hits 250,000 personalised fonts it may go fee-based. If you actually want a copy of the font then you can download it from here.