Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Format exclusive DLC flip-flops

It seems like good fiscal sense has finally won out in the battle of format exclusive DLC, well, at least in relation to Bethesda's Fallout 3. C&VG are carrying a news story stating that the once Xbox/PC exclusive content is finally going to make it's way to the PS3. At long last, I will be able to spend my £30 on buying extensions to one of my favourite games of the last 12 months. The Bethesda post is here.

I got a little angry last month when the third batch of DLC was announced, Broken Steel, for Microsoft friendly environments. Hopefully, Bethesda will learn from their mistakes and ensure that when they release the new material for the PS3 that it will be functional and not broken again. One can only hope. If they do, I will even forgive them for messing with the chronology of the gaming narrative as outlined by Michael Abbott on the Brainy Gamer site.

A minor point of umbrage is that future DLC will still be staggered behind the Microsoft release, but what the heck. I'm pacified for now. I hope they updated the radio station with more classics from the wasteland...


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