Friday, 22 May 2009

Students! What the hell is wrong with WebCT?

Currently we are looking to solicit the ideas of students with regards to how we can improve our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), aka WebCT Vista/SunSpace. This is part a review process instigated on behalf of the Faculty's Student Experience Committee.

So, if there are positives or negatives about the service, we need to hear them. You can leave comments either on this blog (in the comment box below) or you can post them to the Journalism&PR site maintained in the department. You can even leave messages for us over on Twitter. Make sure you send messages with this phrase in the title: @mediacentre

Go on, let it all out! This is your chance to be heard and improve your online module experience. I want to hear all perspectives so that we can go back to the Committee and tell them how to change it!


Fraser said...

I know this will be the most obvious suggestion, but please, pretty please remove the bloody pop-ups that pounce out at you whenever you log in. Surely some kind of news or announcements area can be created where this information can be channelled to the right people. Apart from this, I've not had too many problems.

Rob Jewitt said...

Cheers Fraser

A personal bugbear of mine too

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