Monday, 23 November 2009

Old letter I forgot to publish

I usually use this blog to publish any of my engagements with MPs or MEPs regarding digital matters and I found a copy of an email I sent last month to my MP, David Miliband, regarding Tom Watson's Early Day Motion on filesharing. You can find the email below:
Dear David Miliband,

I'd like to express my desire for you to support Tom Watson’s cross-party Early Day Motion, 1997, on file sharing. I believe that it is crucial that external organisations who suspect internet users of file-sharing are not able to require Internet Service Providers to disconnect or throttle data based on accusations (especially given the well known problems associated with the methodology used to gather such "evidence").

I would find it difficult to support a political party that approves of such measures which would impact on a wide range of essential digital services (commercial services, online shopping and banking, etc), and a recent YouGov poll for the Open Rights Group suggests much the same:

I support disconnection for court proceedings, but not for accusations

Yours sincerely,

Robert Jewitt

All this was in vein as my MP is a memeber of the cabinet and can't vote on Early Day Motions, which is prorbably why I didn't post the message back on the 19th of October when I originally sent it.


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