Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Tracking musical expenditure: December

The final month of the year was always going to be one in which a few extra pounds were going to be spent on music due to the Christmas holidays. I expected I may buy the odd CD as a present for others but it turns out that all my bases were covered in the month prior. December purchases belong to me and me alone. The total for December comes to £51.95 with the grand total to date clocking in at £822.46.

The bulk of the spending this month went the ways of Activision and Sony with the purchase of two Guitar Hero-based games (Smash Hits and Band Hero, plus the costs to import their content into other games in the series). Only £2.43 went on traditional fare (ie singles). There were two purchases of the same track by Rage Against The Machine as orchestrated by various Facebook/Twitter campaigns, in order to prevent X-Factor from bagging the Christmas number one slot. Poor fellow Sandancer, Joe McElderry, at least he got to the top of the charts the following week. The other purchase was a Christmas charity single by Fucked Up (video below). The running total spent on singles and albums to date currently figures at £54.28

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