Monday, 29 March 2010

Don't rush through extreme Internet laws

Another post in a long series of complaints about the Digital Economy Bill...  It's getting closer and closer and the kind of action or pressure that the public can exert is getting shorter and shorter.  So, if you are concerned (as you should be) about the proposals and the implications of the Bill, then you should send a quick email to your MP to tell them what you think.  Over on the campaign site 38degrees you will find a pre-written template which requires little more than your name and address.

Here's my letter to David Milband (very little has been changed):
Dear David Milband

I’m sure you’ve been contacted many times about the Digital Economy Bill, in fact I myself have written to you about this already. I am writing now that Harriet Harman MP has announced that the Bill is definitely going to receive a second reading on Tuesday April 6, widely expected to be the day an election is called.

On Thursday, Harriet Harman gave no assurance that controversial parts of the Bill would not be rushed through in 90 minutes, despite concerns being raised by members from both sides of the House.

Please do not underestimate the strength of feeling on this issue. Over 17,000 letters have been sent to MPs in the last week - yet the Government still seems intent on forcing the bill through Parliament without allowing a real debate about the issues.

People like me, who are concerned about this issue, will be looking to see who has done everything they can to make sure this Bill is not crashed through on the last day before an election.

I would very much appreciate it if you could do everything you can to raise this issue with ministers and party managers to make sure that these provisions receive proper debate and scrutiny in a new Parliament.
I wonder if Mr Miliband is going to respond to this email. It would make a pleasant change if I ever got more than an out-of-office reply.

Time is pressing. Get involved.

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