Wednesday, 24 March 2010

MAC309 Viral Loops

Here's the slides from this week's sessions on why sharing is caring - viral loops and social media

I draw quite heavily from the work of Adam Penenberg's book "Viral Loop" for some of the early slides. It's worth a read - he charts the origins of successful business that have harnessed the power of what he calls "pass-it-on".  It's a very accessible book, not overly bogged down with theory.

I also used these slides which I've posted here before.  In these slides I talked about how the reposting of information regarding the 10th Iranian Elections helped bring the world's attention to the plight of the everyday citizens of Tehran, Iran during the disputed democratic elections.  I also looked at the problems facing those people who found that their messages were being amplified via retweets (effectively a human created viral loop) and recirculated against the context of state scrutiny and attention.

There are some slides about Twitter's use in Mumbai that I'll add here later if I can find them

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