Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Stop the Digital Economy Bill

Right now 38degrees and and the Open Rights Group are trying to raise enough money to take out a series of adverts in the national press to raise public awareness and show MPs how strongly the British public feel about the Digital Economy Bill

There are only a matter of days left (next Tuesday!) until the government attempts to push one of the most important and ill-planned Bills through the House of Commons.  There are nearly 25,000 words of legal changes being rushed through the House with less than 2 hours consultation, much of which will curtail basic Internet freedoms and harm many British businesses and services - at the bequest of lobbyists from the music industry.

For some background, read Cory Doctorow's timely article in the yesterday's Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/mar/29/digital-economy-bill-bpi-doctorow

If you can spare just £5 you can help pay for adverts to appear in the national news alerting the public to this failing in our democracy.  Our goal of £10,000 is complete - that pays for a full page advert in The Times.  If we can double that total we will be able to have our voices heard in at least three different newspapers and on five websites.

If you can spare some change, then donate here (Paypal also accepted!)

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