Friday, 5 March 2010

Tracking musical expenditure: February

Half way there! This is the sixth monthly instalment so we should get a clear indication as to how the project might pan out. In case you haven't been reading this series of posts (shame on you!), I've been running a year long project to monitor the amount of cash I have spent on music and music-related activities, inspired by a DEMOS report which stated that file-sharers typically spent more money (£77 per year) on music than non-filesharers (£33).

February was a big month for me, not least because I had to pay the remaining balance of my Glastonbury ticket, but also because there were a few albums I was looking forward to by Massive Attack and Yeasayer (which I already had wink wink before their release). Let's take a look at the figures...

The total monthly spend on music in February was £227.91! There were a few a couple of concert tickets in there which inflated the figure. Spending on traditional albums and singles were modest by comparison at £27.96, but that's still more than a typical month. I did win a little money on a bet so I bought a couple of extra CDs when I was feeling flush.

As for the overall total, it's standing at £1170.03. In terms of cash spent overall on what would be classified as singles or albums (as the wording in the DEMOS report goes), the figure comes in at £108.20 - that's nearly 4 times the figure quoted for the average non-filesharer. What does that tell ya?

As ever, you can see my my progress to date by clicking this link or take a little look at the spreadsheet below.

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