Friday, 23 April 2010

Tracking musical expenditure: March

This is a bit of a delayed addition in the series of posts tracking my expenditure on music and music related services, mainly due to work commitments, activism and the 'odd' media appearance (emphasis well and truly on odd).

March was a bit of a quiet month for music purchases. I bought a couple of CDs and some software which grabs missing artwork for digital music files. Nothing exciting there then. The software was one fo the MacHeist charity bundles hence the inflated price - there are many free alternatives out there but I was feeling charitable. The total spend in March was £33.03. If we just include the albums the figure is a more modest £19.73.  This brings the running total to £127.93 for albums and singles, and £1203.06 for all music-related activities.

The month ahead had me in two minds, especially given the ascension into law of the Digital Economy Act.  I was half toying with the idea of boycotting all music purchases as part of a 2 month campaign to hit the music industry in the pocket for all it's lobbying of MPs, but that went out the window due to Record Store Day - a day in which music fans are meant to support the good old vinyl and independent record stores.  Instead, I decided to invest money I could have spent on CDs on an anonymous VPN  More on that next month...