Monday, 12 April 2010

South Shields: a tale of two towns?

Last week, David Miliband was back home in South Shields canvassing for votes.  The Guardian were keen to interview him as part of their Election coverage.  John Harris published a piece about the interview here:

I was in the video they recorded - you can find that here:


Simen said...

Hello Mr. Jewitt,
I watched John Harris' piece on South Shields on the guardian website recently. As it happens I am writing a dissertation on the UK Labour party's difficulties 'reconnecting' with the electorate after the relative successes that were achieved early on under Blair and New Labour. And I found your comments - especially the ones at the very end of that video - quite to the point. Now I am contemplating whether to quote one of those comments in my essay, but I thought it best to ask your permission first. So as to be certain that you feel you got your point across as you would have liked to, and that it was not skewed by the way of editing or something of the sort.

Simen Pettersen, student of political science at the University of Oslo, Norway.

Rob Jewitt said...

Hello Simen,

Please feel free to cite my comments any way you please. Over the course of the day Harris and the other journalists must have shot about 4-5 hours worth of interview material. I think that they managed to summarise my general sense on 'ennui' rather well. I don't think I was misrepresented, if that helps?

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