Friday, 21 May 2010

Tracking musical expenditure: April

Sheesh, these are getting later and later in the month.  I started publishing these posts at the start of the month but work commitments have been pretty intense recently.  Let's get down to business...

I bought a few musical items last month, including a 'digital service'.  After an 'anonymous' source (yes, DT, I know it was you) decided to phone Crimestoppers and the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) with false allegations that I had been running an 'industrial' scale DVD piracy operation out of my workplace my electronic communications have been subject to monitoring and interception by my employers, I figured it would be a great opportunity to try a VPN service to encrypt and hide all my web access.  Not that I have anything to hide, but I felt a bit violated by the fact that an anonymous claim took precedence over my integrity, so I decided to make it a little awkward for any prying eyes.  I opted to try iPREDator, the service popular with Swedish web-users following the Pirate Bay verdict.  It was easy to setup, but in all fairness I've never really had much use for it.

April's total spend came in at £43.74.  If we take away the anonymity service the figure comes in at £30.54 of which £1.59 was a Guitar Hero game track.  So, traditional single and album sales come in a more modest £28.95, with vinyl taking a significant chunk of the cash (well it was Record Store Day after all).  The total expenditure to date is £1246.80 with the total for just albums and singles coming in at £156.88

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