Saturday, 10 July 2010

MacBook Pro Wifi Fail

This is bugging me - over the course of the last 24 hours my relatively new (ie < 6 months old) Macbook Pro has started to drop its wireless signal. I can be sitting with both the new Macbook Pro and an old Macbook (circa 2006) both connected to my network via Time Capsule with both of them working fine, only for the Macbook Pro to suddenly seize up and lose the wireless signal. Hours later it works again, as if by magic! 

The strange thing is the Menu bar shows that I am connected to my network, but Airport Utility cannot see either the Time Capsule or the Airport Express on my network Does anyone know of any diagnostic tools or terminal commands/logs I can use to try an pinpoint what or where the problem is? Any advice gratefully received. 

I intend on taking this Macbook in for servicing but I'd like some evidence first otherwise I'll look like a bigger bozo. Currently, all I have as evidence are the screengrabs in this online album.