Saturday, 24 July 2010

On the way to #ORGCon

I'm currently fuelled by caffeine and taking advantage of the free wifi on the East Coast train service as I write this post.  It feels like a while since I was last posting over here as I've been on my hols with my wife (the Dalmation Coast - lovely!).  This morning was an early one; a 5:15am rise in order to catch the 6:30am train from Newcastle to London and I'm not sure how coherent I'll be today given that I struggled to even form a sentence at Costa to purchase coffee.  While the caffeine kicks in I thought I'd try and forward plan for today's Open Rights Group conference, as there are bound to be some clashes ahead (just like Glastonbury - without the music).  The line up is listed here and also below:

My route through the day should be as follows:

  • 10:30 Thriving in the Real Digital Economy - Cory Doctorow et al
  • 11:35 ACTA campaign workshop
  • 12:15 The Incredible Shrinking Public Domain - James Boyle
  • 14:00 Digital Economy Act: What's Next - Tom Watson MP et al
  • 15:00 DEA campaign workshop
  • 15:45 Reforming Privacy Laws - Lilian Edwards et al
  • 16:45 Dismantling the Database State - Phil Booth et al
  • 17:30 ACTA A Shady Business - Andres Guadamuz et al
  • 18:15 Pirate Party Fringe
I've had to make a few compromises along the way.  I was looking forward to attending the Open Data  session (featuring Heather Brooke) I've been impressed with the work Lilian Edwards has been putting in over the last 12 months with regards the Digital Economy Act so that was a tough call.  On a similar note the ACTA session with Andres Guadamuz is also a draw in the same basis but I'd also like to attend the Future of Privacy session running concurrently.  I'd like to catch up with the Pirate Party UK folk if time permits but I've got a 19:15 train to Newcastle to catch so time may be against me on that front

Decisions, decisions...

Anyway, if you want to say "hi" I'm the 30-something guy in thick framed glasses:

For once, I won't be wearing the Stormtrooper helmet with Apple and Pirate Party logos on it:

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