Monday, 7 February 2011

"Young turn to piracy to watch pay TV for free"?

In a Guardian article which should be filed under stating the bleeding obvious, it suggested that young people are using the internet to access television content ahead of broadcast.  The article went on to talk about the new Sky Atlantic channel which is looking to position itself as the UK version of HBO, as most of the content is pulled from their archives.

None of this is particularly noteworthy in and of itself, other than a rather bemusing claim that was removed stating that a "fresh wave" of piracy would ensure as people would look to get the channels content (most of the material consists of repeats that have no doubt been pirated or streamed already). Another claim about DVD sales being likely to slump seems to mirror an already established trend.

What was worth drawing attention to was the comment by dj1917 which I've reposted below:
People download television from the interweb, you say? With something you call a "stream" or "torrent"? Further research tells me that films, musical recordings and football matches are also freely available! I must say, Good Sirs, that young people today disgust me! As a gentleman on the cusp of my fourth decade, I was not previously aware of this heinous trend in technological thievery only known of by the young, with their funny haircuts and their eye-pods. I must praise you, Mr. Guardian, for bringing it to my attention. In future editions of your fine organ could you take some time to explain, in terms as if to an audience of elderly simpletons, as otherwise I may not understand, who these "Beatles" are, and what's all this I hear about horseless carriages?

That certainly ticked me.


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