Monday, 28 March 2011

The basics of video editing

Over on Lifehacker, Adam Dachis has been putting together a batch of easy to follow introductory '101' sessions using non-linear video editing tools as part of their Night School series. These are aimed squarely at those people who have little to no knowledge of big software packages like Avid, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro but would like to know more.  These are some of the packages we use at the University of Sunderland so these videos might help function as simple intros for any of our students out there.

I've embedded all the videos below for ease of use, and included links to the original posts in the title:

#1 - Getting to know your work environment

#2 - Creating a project from start to finish

#3 - Effects and colour correction

#4 - Preparing and encoding your video for delivery

#5 - Additional resources

No video for this segment, I'm afraid.  However, there are some useful things provided in this post, such as a .pdf of all the lesson notes, and some hand links.  Go ahead and click the links and watch the vids.


Sara Welsh said...

In high school, I use to be really interested in making my own movies. Recently, I've been looking into getting some equipment to edit some videos my friend gave me. I see that you're using Final Cut Pro, do you like using that program?

Sara Welsh |

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