Thursday, 31 March 2011

Taking inspiration

I've been thinking about the things I hate about Powerpoint presentations and I've decided that, although minimalism can be attractive in some contexts, just having a lot of black text on a white background doesn't always help me take in a message.  Too often I find myself being turned off by what a speaker is saying if their presentation fails to show they've really thought about how they are going to convey their message.  This might be an irrational point of view to adopt, and I'm sure I've been guilty of doing this myself in the past, especially when under pressure to produce new content each week...

So, as I had a few spare hours (at least in theory) yesterday, I thought I'd try and spruce up a set of slides I presented to my Level 3 students on a New Media & Society module, taking inspiration from a few User Experience designers I admire from the world of video game design (especially this guy). You can find the results below.  The finished article took me way longer than I thought and I'm not convinced that all the extra effort (ie eye candy) was worth it.  Let me know what you think...

EDIT: For some strange reason, the embedded slides are showing some of the old template (slides 2 and 3!) instead of the new revised slides.  Click through to Slideshare and only the revised content is there. Weird. I guess this may be a caching issue on the site itself as I replaced the older slides from yesterday with these ones from today.



Harry Plumb said...

Whether the eye candy helped drive the point across or not it was still an interesting presentation to read though even without taking the course itself, and the presentation was defiantly nicer to look at then the bland standard power point templates used in most lectures.

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