Friday, 22 July 2011

Rebekah Brooks at the select committee [visualisation]

The Guardian Data Blog has been playing around with ways to make sense of the text data that came out of the Select Committee this week, including uploading the transcripts of the three main protagonists to the Many Eyes web app.  You should be able to get their data and see what they've done with it here (spreadsheet data) and here (Many Eyes).

In this post I've played around with the Rebekah Brooks' transcript in order to see if there are any interesting patterns.  If anything, this was more of a personal tutorial on how to use Many Eyes than it was an attempt at any great analysis, but here's the results. It seems like the Java powering the web app might not be working via the embedded visualisations but readers should be able to click through to the source and see the ways in which the data can be interacted with.

Word Cloud

Tag Cloud (single word)

Tag Cloud (two words)

Phrase Net

Total Word Frequency (courtesy of the Guardian)

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