Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Angry Bird Addiction [infographic]

Anyone with a smart phone since 2009 has a good chance to have played the Rovio game Angry Birds. There's also a very good chance that if you have played it once, then you'll have played it again. This is the game that has been downloaded more than 300 million times and is one of the world's favorite time-killers. If you've found yourself staring and prodding at a small screen into the late hours then you might be addicted (in a good way, as opposed to the silly "media-effects" tradition whereby we play GTA and go car-jacking).

The infographic, based on consultation with psychologists, by AYTM below might help you with your addiction.  1000 people were asked about their spending habits with regards to the game and it was revealed that young men aged 18-24 were more likely to convert from a free version of the game to a costed version.

Angry Birds Addiction Infographic | AYTM
Infographic by: AYTM Market Research


Majid Yar said...

I admit it - I'm an Angry Birds addict. Luckily, as a non-believer in the 'effects model', I think I'm safe from irresistable urges to launch myself at any members of the porcine community that I may come across...

Rob said...

You never know, Majid. The next time you are dressed as a chicken and you walk past a life-sized catapult...


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