Sunday, 20 November 2011

Blogging case study: a site map

Back in September Andrea Wren started a series in Guardian Money about how to build and monetise a successful blog. She drew on expert advice from 22 year old blogging genius, Glenn Allsopp, from Newcastle. He is the owner of ViperChill and a successful web-entrepreneur who earns £10,000 per month from his online activities.

Every fortnight, Wren has been updating readers with her progress as she tries to carve out a successful niche (check out her progress here). Allsopp has also been providing excellent advice on how to take the plunge into the murky waters of successful blogging over on his Blogging: Case Study site and plans to update readers over the next 6 months as to the progress.

Readers have also been encouraged to sign up for a news letter to the site to get more detailed help on 'how to' make their own sites - indeed Neil Perryman recommended that our students on MED102 and MAC195 to sign up and follow the progress given that we've been encouraging the students to setup their own sites.

One of the problems I've found will Allsopp's otherwise excellent site is it's lack of obvious navigation for those readers coming in a little late. There is some navigation on the site, but it only seems to be available from within one of the sections. This post is an attempt to rectify that issue as well as make it easy for me (and my students) to jump in and out

Point One: Deciding on your blog niche
Point One: We're not trying to attract everyone

Point Two: Deciding on a domain name
Point Two: Setting up hosting

Point Three: Your blog design
Point Three: Theme and design resources

Point Four: Getting your blog ready for visitors
Point Four: Final blog tweaks and recommended services

Point Five: Your blogging strategy
Point Five: Standing out

Post Ideas
Point Six: Generating content ideas
Point Six: Examples of popular blog posts

More to follow...


Andrea Wren said...

Hi Rob,

Good to read that you are encouraging students to follow the column and sign up for the updates/resources on the website. It's great to know that people seem to be really benefiting from this series. I've passed this blog post to Glen also, so he can read your comments as I'm sure he'll be interested.



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